Workshops and Coaching

Informative and energizing! Jean Sturgill’s leader programs offer insightful and effective components that inspire the audience. Those in attendance can take the information back to their work setting and immediately put it to use!

Karen Webb

Jean’s tips have helped me enough that someone turned to me at a networking event and said, “You must be a public speaker.”

Kathryn Porter

Jean Sturgill coached me in how to develop a speech that will resonate with the audience – with emphasis on effective delivery (my weak spot). Her approach was very practical – to the point – and very beneficial to me. She knows her stuff. Thank you Jean.

Marie Brown

Looking forward to utilizing the handout to assist with future speaking engagements.


NCALA conference


Thank you very much for the great presentation. I spoke with several people this Thursday and they all thought you gave an excellent talk. Thank you again for the good work.

Ron Driscoll

As an author and radio personality, Jean shares from the heart to help others realize their winning potential. She has a rare brilliance and keen understanding of God’s Word and willingness to share it freely and unashamedly. I am honored to recommend Jean as a fine motivational speaker that compels her audience to rise to the challenge and live more abundant lives, God’s way. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to Jean’s radio segments, read her books and realize YOUR winning potential!

Jean Robor


Christian Workshop

I was very excited about starting this book (You Are Who GOD Says You Are). But my concept of what I thought it would be was very different than what I learned. Much has happened in my life that has affected the way I see things. The most uplifting thing for me was to really believe that I – Ruby C – am ‘who God says I am.’ I am who He gave life to. Worthy – because He made me be. In giving my time and help to someone I learned to give freely and was thinking of someone else’s needs instead of my own. Being needed is a great gift. I believe God has more of me than He did when I began this study. My goal is for ‘Him to have all of me.’ That He might be honored because ‘He is worthy.’

Ruby C

North Carolina

Radio Segments

I just wanted you to know that I have enjoyed your radio show for a long while now. You have made a big difference in my life through your work. Thank you for what you do.

Sandy Jones

North Carolina