My Fish, Um, Spider Story – The One That Got Away

For all you men out there that have told fish tales, and no one believed you . . . I can empathize completely.

Try to picture this… Everyone is asleep, except for me. I have spread out on the sofa with a pile of programming books and a laptop. Ready to work! … I mean relax.

It was then I saw it – the object of my phobia was just sitting there. Yes, I have overcome most of it – thanks to the tarantula (another story) — but I still do not like spiders!

Now here I sit. Hubby sleeping. And there it sits. What is a woman to do?

I mean it was such a big spider…it made granddaddy long-legs look tiny. I just knew if I tried to grab/smash it and missed – it would probably run up my arm!

At that moment, it was me against the spider, and the only thing I had available – a programming book! I could just picture by the size of that spider what a mess it would leave on the back cover. I actually caught myself pausing to consider if it was worth it. I mean, after all, the spider will only live so long, but I might have that book forever!!!

I decided to wake Hubby. Maybe he could help! It was pointed sorta in his direction anyway.

As I went to get the spider, it ran across the den, by the TV stand, by something else, and I decided to make my move… Then it ran under something, and I slapped the book down on it. Victory! … Spider dead & the cover clean! – Well, not exactly – 1 for 2. It completely disappeared! It was gone! I could not believe my eyes!

The best part — Hubby, although now awake, did not see this little darling running around in the den! I told him it was huge! It was this big! (I indicated 1.5 inches from front to back feet.) He smiled and said – the next thing you know, you will be telling me… well, you know how that goes.

I just laughed and said – It was big enough to tote off a cat, okay! LOL

Well not really… It was probably a little old wolf spider. They have bodies of about an inch or more and really long legs.

My hope is that when it dies, it dies in the middle of the floor. – I told Hubby I intend to put it in the middle of his desk when I find it! LOL  – For some reason, he was not amused!

BTW, I know what I saw. As I write this, my feet are in the chair with me!

—- Update! I have been vindicated. Yes, I did see to it that the spider’s corpse made it to Hubby’s desk! Drew had to admit that rascal was hard to catch. Wolf spiders are hunters and run very fast.

So begs the question… I am not given to exaggeration, so why did no one around here believe me? The truth is, sometimes we all get bogged down in fact. Hubby could not believe something that big could disappear. Drew figured I was looking at shadows. I’m not sure what Robbie believed.

Things are not always what they seem! I encourage you to remember this when you deal with folks or when God asks you to do something that makes no sense to you. For some things are not knowable.

 All this have I proved by wisdom: I said, I will be wise; but it was far from me. That which is far off, and exceeding deep, who can find it out?
-Ecclesiastes 7:23-24

Blessings from The Bouncing Beaver!

(Update: Bouncing Beaver is a name that I used when I first started this blog.)

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