Make Fewer Mistakes, Get Better Results!

Do you see mistakes where you work? Would you like to see fewer? Do you ever make one yourself? Would you like to make fewer?

Mistakes can be costly in time and money. They can also be dangerous.

As you strive to do all things as unto the Lord, you’ll want to remember to strive to get things right the first time.

I was having a routine test done recently. I asked the person taking the image if she could tell if it were clear. She let me know that she was not the person who would be reading the results.

Guess what? She gave me a great answer, but that was not my question. I rephrased it. What I wanted to know is if she would be able to tell if the image were blurry and needed to be retaken. I just did not want to have to come back and redo it.

Later in the week, someone called me to get a quote on a job. He asked me – almost apologetically – if he could repeat back to me what I had said. I honestly thought it was great that he had done that. It gave me an opportunity to clarify some of the costs.

When we speak, we need to be clear. Often we speak from a certain perspective, belief, or understanding that the person or persons we are speaking to do not share. The same is also true when we listen.

In my first example, I am sure she had been asked a similar question on multiple occasions. Folks probably want her to read their tests all the time. She answered correctly from that perspective.

In my second example, my listener was not familiar enough with what I was quoting to be able to get a clear understanding from my answer about the frequency of some of the charges. As the saying goes, there are no stupid questions. Again, I am glad he asked.

I was taught a long time ago that it is best to repeat things back. Repeating things back and knowing that you understood correctly or that you are being understood correctly is not only the beginning of doing a great job, it’s also the beginning of relationship building and great customer service.

A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.
Proverbs 22:1

When you get things wrong, your reputation is on the line. If you know about it, you have the opportunity to make things right. However, not everyone will give you the chance. They may not even tell you that you weren’t clear or that you goofed.

Repeating things back at the beginning is a great way to show folks that you care about getting it right. If you are the one seeking information, it’s also a great way to make sure you get the answers you need.


Our challenge today is to be sure we understand clearly and that we are being understood clearly in all things.

Spiritually, we need to have a clear understanding of scripture when we apply it to our own lives. We need to give a clear presentation of the gospel when we lead someone to the Lord.

As ambassadors for Christ, we also need to do a good job, and we need to maintain our reputations. Take time to repeat yourself or ask others to repeat back what you have said. Let them know questions are welcomed. Slow down and you will make fewer mistakes, and you will get better results!