Always Broke? There is a Better Way

The advertisement said that I owed it to myself! Other ads imply the same thought. It’s indeed a nice thought, but is it true? Do I deserve that? Where’s the credit card?

Perhaps you just landed a brand new job. Maybe you just graduated school. Perhaps you have worked hard for a good long time. What do you feel like you deserve?

Some folks have trouble managing their money. Are you one of them? Maybe you think you just don’t make enough money? Let’s look a little closer.

Our pretend couple spends when they have money. Their spending always seems so harmless to them. This time it was just 2 lattes, dinner out, a cheap movie out with the kids, some soda, and popcorn twice. It came to about $200. They could have covered it unless something happened, and something happened yet again this month.

From the outside, their friends see a run of bad luck. The refrigerator died, the car needed repair, or the roof leaked. No one thinks to explain to them that there will always be something.

Unless you have the money in the bank to cover a year’s salary – or at least 6 months salary, you need to take a look at those things that you can live without. That’s just good preparation for a rainy day.

Our pretend couple’s evenings would have been just as special if they had added some chocolate and whip topping to their cheap coffee, ate at home by candle light, and cut the lights out for a movie they borrowed from a friend or their local library.

If you think I can’t relate, let me assure you I can. I once went about 4 years without a dentist appointment. I lived without cable. I did have a home phone, but no cell phone, no Internet, and no computer. It was before all that stuff became popular, but I would not have been able to have it anyway. Fortunately, I owned a reliable used car. My first job after college had a take home pay of about $500 / month. Half of that went to rent, which did include water, lights and heat. The other half had to cover everything else. Needless to say, my money was beyond tight.

But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.
1 Timothy 5:8

Most of the time, if you are a hard working individual, you will be able to make some adjustments just like our pretend couple needed to make. Then, you won’t have any trouble providing.

In this economy, I know there are folks that are out of work. I heard today that there is one job for every 4 or maybe 5 folks looking. Keep looking. If you have a job, cut back everywhere you can. Start saving for a rainy day.


Today’s challenge is to get a handle on your spending. It’s not okay to spend just because you have it today when you know that bills are coming tomorrow, and you have not planned for emergencies. Make every effort to provide for your family.