5 Wrong Assumptions Christian Parents Make

Sometimes we, as parents, accidentally assume that we know what is going on with our children when in reality we don’t. We may find out after the fact, or it may be a secret for years.

Our trusting nature sets us up for a fall but communicating well with your child and taking proactive steps can prevent many a disaster from happening.

The 5 wrong assumptions have to do with trusting our children in the hands of other people.

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
Psalms 127:3

We need to ensure that we do take care of our reward – our children. Sometimes we are tired, worn out, in a hurry, busy, or just plain don’t feel like taking the extra effort to double check what we think we know. Those few extra steps can prevent a plethora of bad things from happening.

Assumption 1: The folks looking after your child during Sunday school, church, school, etc. are responsible because they were put in charge or are of a certain age.

Reality: They may not be any more responsible than your child. Age has nothing to do with maturity, ability, or good judgment.

Assumption 2: The leader or teacher showed up for the activity on time.

Reality: When you sent them one way and you went another, they may have waited for the adult to show up. Interesting things can happen during that wait. Be a “mother hen” and know the leader or teacher is there before you leave your child. Even if your child is well behaved, those others also waiting may not be.

Assumption 3: You know what is in your children’s textbooks, curriculum, and media used in the classroom.

Reality: If you do not know, you may be shocked. Children have been exposed to all kinds of media with political agendas. Some textbooks have been found to be quite objectionable.

Assumption 4: Your children’s friend’s parents are Christian. It’s okay to send them over to play.

Reality: Just because the friends of your children have Christian parents, does not mean that they are walking the walk or that they believe what you believe. Christianity seems to be claimed by many, but the beliefs are not the same.

Assumption 5: All Christian parents have good judgment. You don’t have to be concerned.

Reality: You might be surprised. I had friends that let their kids do things that I would not let mine do. It’s not always a matter of one being right or wrong. It could be a matter of the maturity of the individual child or the perception of the parent.


Today’s challenge is to remember that as a parent there are no shortcuts. We are to be responsible for raising our children. We cannot delegate that authority.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

Make it your business to know what your children are seeing, hearing, and being exposed to each day via others, textbooks, and media of all types. Remember that your judgment is what counts. Do not depend on others to make your decisions for you concerning your children.